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Big CAL salute to new sponsor, MSqaured!! Thanks to the generosity of Mike Molnar and his company, MSquared Asset Management of Cloister New Jersey, CAL is able to put through 8 wounded veterans from our wait list!
Shout out to Crossfit Echelon! Crossfit Echelon in Rocklin, CA has generously donated a portion of their extraordinary services to one of our new CAL members in their home town.
CAL is accepted into the CFC- use code 41948 to donate! For this year's CFC, federal employees from all over the country will have the opportunity to donate to Catch A Lift!
Run for CAL in the Baltimore Running Festival Run for a great cause this year! Our team is growing- join now!
2015 RUN DISNEY MARATHON just a few spots left! Running for vets and their physical and mental wellness through CAL is inspirational! You can join our team TODAY and take advantage of special discounts.
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